About Crisis Ministries

Crisis Ministries assists individuals and families in crisis by meeting basic needs. We do so in a manner that promotes self-respect and also responsibility. Individuals and families who need longer term assistance are encouraged to participate in managed care to take them from crisis to thriving. In this effort Crisis Ministries is also a founding member of The Alliance, a collaborative case management non-profit desiring to engage in trauma informed care and coordination of services. You can find out more about The Alliance by clicking on The Alliance logo on our Partners page.

A Few More Things To Know About Us
  • We are a 100% volunteer organization serving Irving for over 30 years.
  • Our ministry-owned facility is located in Irving’s Heritage District.
  • Your dollars directly support the work we do each day.  No hidden salaries since we are 100% volunteer managed and operated.
  • We provide food, hygiene, baby products and other essential items to individuals and families.
  • Financial assistance/stability and employment assistance are also offered.
  • We provide road warriors with food, hygiene and basic needs 5 days a week and can provide emergency shelter assistance in extreme weather.

The Alliance

In an effort to better serve our neighbors beyond a simple we referral, we have co-found a formal collaboration, The Alliance. The Alliance is a proud member of the Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce and the Irving Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Check out The Alliance Events here!  

In addition to Crisis Ministries the current members are:

All Things Made New 

Positive Youth Development programs for at-risk 5th-12th grade students including teen moms

Provide opportunities for youth to be surrounded and empowered with positive role models, life skills, and confidence to avoid risky behaviors. We work with students long term to develop the foundations in their lives throughout their adolescent years into young adulthood. We do all of this to help our youth avoid peer pressure, bullying, toxic relationships, depression/ anxiety, isolation/loneliness, self harm, drugs/alcohol abuse, gang involvement, and suicide.

Our programs include individual and small group mentoring, youth life coaching, character development groups, college and career readiness support, educational support through tutoring, case management for families in need of additional connection for resources and support, leadership skills, and additional out of school activities throughout the year.


The Main Place

Providing high quality, trendy, age appropriate and well-fitting clothing for all individuals in need. We strive to alleviate barriers to being all an individual can be and elevate one’s self esteem.

Recognizing a person’s image can greatly restore their dignity, our clients become more equipped to face the world and their future.

Our service is often inclusive of many needed household items, individuals, and families, can be relieved of undue financial burdens to acquire basic needs.

Collaborating with other agencies to support and restore individuals and families is key to helping make the next step in taking control of their journey.