Non-Profit Partnerships- How important are they to the community?

1024 519 Ruby Sevcik

It seems every year the need for services is greater.  No single organization can meet every need.  No matter the size of the organization, non-profits must be able to make referrals to agencies who specialize outside their own scope.  Life in community is important to us at Crisis Ministries and this is why we partner through a group, Irving Community Action Network (ICAN).

ICAN members are from local organizations as well as some serving our county and state.  Some of the members are large nationwide or world wide organizations and some are smaller, solely volunteer groups.  Regardless of size, we serve, hoping to make a difference.

Monthly gatherings enrich all of us with new tools, greater awareness and collaboration.  All of this for the purpose of helping neighbors during their most vulnerable times.

We are a proud and faithful member and contributor to ICAN, because together WE CAN!


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