Programs and Services

Crisis Ministries offers various programs including Choice Pantry, Financial Bridge, Transitional Solutions, Pursuits and Hope and Healing. The Choice Pantry includes a food pantry and hygiene products. Financial Bridge provides financial assistance for temporary emergency financial needs. Transitional Solutions works with those experiencing homelessness. Pursuits is designed to help individuals and families identify ways to improve their financial position by exploring income and expense balancing as well as employment opportunities. Hope and Healing is available to those who desire to break the chains of the past including addressing pass trauma in a safe environment without judgement.

Choice Pantry

Crisis Ministries provides groceries several times a year to thousands of individuals and their families.  Neighbors are offered an opportunity to shop for their specific dietary needs and likes.  This brings dignity to the process and allows us more time to know our neighbors. Additionally we provide a daily meal bag to road warriors.

New applicants must bring proof of residency in the form of a lease or other documents that prove how many people live at the Irving address.  We limit new applicants to 5 per day.

Hygiene Products

Part of our Choice Pantry allows neighbors to request a variety of personal hygiene items. These include soap, deodorant, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, lotion, feminine products, and diapers. Full size products are provided to families and sample/hotel sizes are provided to the road warriors. Please visit our needs list if you would like to help.

Vision Assistance

We can supplement needs if an individual does not qualify for the Irving Noon Days Lions Club vision program.  Reading glasses and some other services are available, based on a qualified need and prescription provided by a licensed eye care professional.  We do not pay or reimburse for eye exams.  Apply under Financial Assistance.

Transitional Solutions

Our Transitional Solutions program works with individuals and families experiencing homelessness and/or staying in an Irving motel.  These individuals and families can apply for financial assistance for room charges and in some cases mobile phone bills.  At least one individual should have employment.  Other qualifications may apply.  You are eligible for groceries and hygiene.  For transitional services please complete a financial assistance application.

If you are living on the streets we provide a meal bag each day we are open.  We also have hygiene items available daily.  Through a collaboration with Streetside Showers we offer showers on Tuesdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., weather permitting.

During inclement weather we partner with other agencies for sheltering.  Special arrangements can be made for laundry.

Financial Assistance- As part of our Financial Bridge program limited financial assistance is available for various expenses. Utilities, rent, transportation and repairs are available to qualified individuals.  Assistance is currently only available to Irving residents. Completed applications are always reviewed first.  Assistance may include requirements to participate in financial classes. Financial Assistance Application

Residents of Irving may also visit the Irving Community Action Network (ICAN) website for additional resources. Residents outside of Irving, please contact 211.

Financial Services –Through our Pursuits program, Crisis Ministries offers budget assistance to individuals and families working toward financial stability.  Financial stability services are free to those who are income qualified.

Employment Assistance

We are contacted regularly by various staffing agencies as well as recruiters.  Job fairs and employment opportunities are often posted or available on site to individuals who have completed an Employment Assistance form. Employment Assistance Form.

Through our Pursuits program we can also help you identify a plan to reach that next step in your career plan.

If you need employment or resume assistance please click on the form above and a representative will reach out to you.

Please click on this link for job opportunities with the City of Irving.

Click here for employment links to staffing services, job fairs and direct employment listings for immediate hiring. We do not endorse nor receive any payment for sharing this information.