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Hairy Subject

Shampoo, Baby!

Each year we look for gaps in services in our local community. In 2016 we added hygiene as part of our offering. We have been assisting the road warriors in our area for years with hygiene products, but we had not taken that leap of faith to provide for other individuals and families. We started small with just a few hygiene items, a hygiene drive and then we partnered with Irving Bible Church.

They set up a tree with ornaments requesting things for the clients we serve.  We chose full size shampoo as a need due to the many requests. How clever then for one of their team members to think of using trial size shampoo as the ornament with the need for full size shampoo on the reverse side.

We love our brothers and sisters who have the gift of creativeness and use it to help advance the Kingdom of God.  We pray you will find favor with the Lord our God in the New Year.


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