Ever Met a Friendly Lion?

Lions can often be scary and ferocious. They are powerful and with one swipe of their claw can take down even a fierce opponent. However, there is a different type of Lion. One that is caring and involved, seeking to help and improve quality of life. Of course we are speaking of Lions International.

Lions International is the world’s largest service club organization. Their members are ready to help in communities in various ways. Many who have heard of Lions Club are familiar with some of their work with vision, diabetes, environment and cancer but did not know they help with hunger?

As part of the Irving Noon Day Lions Club hunger outreach they support organizations like BBMOI Crisis Ministries. We at BBMOI Crisis Ministries have been a recipient over the years of donations from their club as well as individual members. This assistance allows us to provide groceries to families who are struggling.

Thank you Irving Noon Day Lions Club.  We love and appreciate all you do for our community.

Ruby SevcikEver Met a Friendly Lion?
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